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One of the most powerful ways to portray the value of a custom outdoor lighting system is to show a property without lighting and then with lighting.  Navigate backward and forward through the gallery like a toggle switch to virtually turn the lighting on and off.  The difference is amazing!


On the right structure, architectural lighting gives you the biggest “bang for your buck”.  It not only highlights features like stone and molding, but it also gives you an inviting subtle glow along all of the peaks and fascia.  The ambient light helps illuminate nearby walkways and allows for the silhouette of shrubs and trees.


When landscape features become illuminated, characteristics and shadows become apparent that give it a different appearance.  It allows you to appreciate from a whole new perspective.  


Our different types of specialty lighting will really set your outdoor areas apart from any you’ve seen before.  We can integrate lighting into steps, walls, pavers, outdoor kitchens, screened enclosures, fire pits, putting greens, docks and water features.  Our moon lighting, mounted in large trees, can give you dramatic shadows of branches with the glowing effect of the moon in between. 

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