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Lighting Design

We specialize in lighting design that gives your property valuable aesthetic appeal, prioritizes security, and uses materials that are right for your location and budget. 

Resort/hotel, restaurant, multi-housing complex, office building, shopping plaza and community entrance organizations are some of our designers’ specialties.  

Things to consider when overhauling or designing a new commercial lighting project:

  • Visibility: Gain maximum exposure at night by lighting architectural features, landscape and highlight signage with proper lighting techniques.

  • Safety: Reduce liability and potential for crime with adequate lighting around walkways, steps, entries and parking areas.

  • Durability: we only specify fixtures that can withstand the elements of their environment and abuse of high traffic areas.

  • Efficiency: our LED products provide the high lumen output needed for commercial applications while consuming significantly less energy than traditional high wattage fixtures.

  • Technique: our experienced designers use optimal beam spreads, color temperatures and specialty fixture types to accomplish a custom, clean and functional final product.

Fixture Procurement 

We have purchasing contacts that have bid lighting and electrical for multimillion and multibillion dollar commercial and hospitality projects all over the world. Let us use our relationships and contacts to help you get the best possible products at the best possible cost. 

Time is money on a commercial project. You can order from a box store electrical company who has thousands of branches and other disciplines or you can have us manage your lighting deliveries and make sure the correct product is delivered on time and marked properly-saving you time and money. 

LED Conversions

If you’re looking to save money on property maintenance and utilities, convert your exterior lighting to LED. This is especially useful in parking lots, where security requirements necessitate quite a bit of light. Depending on your current light fixtures, we can either retrofit or replace them with LED lighting.

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