Will my lighting system be expensive to run?

Low voltage lighting systems are very inexpensive to operate. The amount of light (or lumens) output per watt are high enough to keep cost down and still get a dramatic effect. An approximate cost calculation based on current cost per KWH is available upon request.

Will the landscape lighting installation mess up my yard and existing landscape?

Signature does not use any machinery during landscape lighting installations. Everything is hand trenched, mulch will be raked back to not mix with dirt and care will be taken to not damage existing flowers and shrubs. You will never know we were there within 2-3 days.

Why should I use LED instead of Incandescent lighting?

LED lighting is environmentally friendly and more efficient because it consumes 75% less energy, there are no bulbs to change and there are no bulbs to throw away. Our LED products have been tested to withstand the elements and last for years to come. They are guaranteed for 15 years or 40,000 hrs.

Does the LED light look different than traditional incandescent lighting?

Technology today has allowed for LED lighting to operate at the same “warm white” light temperature as incandescent lighting (2700k). Some prefer fixtures with “pure white” to enhance the landscape’s natural colors more (3000k).

Do I have to maintain an LED system?

Yes, despite what many contractors say, an LED system should be adjusted for landscape maturity, the lenses should be cleaned and wire runs and transformers should have voltage and amperage tested every 1-2 years. Signature offers maintenance programs that are affordable and protect your lighting investment.

How long will the installation take?

The average installation will take 1-2 days. Time ranges based on the size of the property and the type of lighting being installed. If there are special fixtures mounted in steps, walls or on docks, the installation may take longer.

How does the system turn on and off?

Signature includes an astronomical timer, standard with every installation. These timers are inexpensive and automatically adjust for the sunset, sunrise and daylight savings time. Other options to integrate with home automation systems, control zones separately, and control remotely via iPhone and Android applications are also available.

Couldn’t I just install the lighting myself with a system from the hardware store?

Yes, but you get what you pay for. The big box store transformers’ timers typically fail within 1-3 years. Professional systems are designed to last. Also, there are trade techniques that need to be considered while designing the layout. Voltage drop, wattage and load calculations are just a few things. A bad low voltage connection can even cause fire.

Can we use solar lighting?

There really aren’t any solar powered lights available that can do anything but create a dull blue colored dot in your yard. You would be lucky to get 4 months of light output before the fixture barely illuminates at all. With the advances in LED technology, you are much better off with a low voltage system. Signature does offer solar system solutions with a panel and battery storage for areas where 120v electrical is not available.

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