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With residential properties, the possibilities are nearly endless.  Every property is as unique as the people we work with.  Our designers work side by side with homeowners, combining their vision with our expertise in product knowledge and technical and design skills to showcase their residence.  The end result is a true work of art.

Custom Builders

Signature Lighting & Electrical is trusted by Florida’s premier, high end custom home builders.   Sales and budgeting tools are provided to assist with the planning phase.  Our designers are experienced in communicating with project managers to see that all necessary steps are taken throughout the construction process to ensure a smooth installation. We make it easy to offer your customers outdoor lighting.  What better way to showcase your building skills than at night, when most people entertain their guests.

Landscape Architects

We understand the amount of planning and time landscape architects spend on any given project. It is a pleasure working closely with fellow designers within our industry to help your plans come to life. Feel confident that we will understand when discussing photometrics, lumen output and beam spread. From initial site visit, to final walk through, we will be there, with you, to make your final product perfect.


Like lighting, landscaping is an art. It is something that should be seen day and night. Feel confident in offering your customers lighting packages provided by Signature Lighting & Electrical. Our systems take into consideration landscape growth and general landscape maintenance. You won’t have to worry about damaging the system during routine maintenance. We can work together to make your customers’ properties complete.

Home Owners Associations

Keeping cost down while making your community look nice is our specialty. Many entrances are originally setup with high voltage lighting which is expensive to run and maintain. We have solutions to dramatically reduce your electric bill whether converting to low voltage or just switching to fixtures that are efficient and built to last. Either way, it pays for itself in the long run.


Low voltage lighting is totally different than your everyday residential and commercial electrical work.  That is why electrical companies all over Florida trust us to satisfy their customers’ outdoor lighting needs.  Let’s team up and do it right!

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